Sococo - Coconut Water - 11.64 Oz (PACK OF 04) | Água de Coco - 330g

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The company's first bottled coconut water came out in 1991, but packaging was switched to Tetra Brik cartons in 1994. Sococo Coconut Water is a naturally isotonic beverage, low in calories, high in sugars and minerals (such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium), and an effective rehydration beverage. Its advantage over the "in natura" coconut is the handy carton, which allows for easy storage in small spaces. It is best served cold, and it is a great addition to drinks, cocktails, and whisky. Ingredients: natural coconut water, sucrose (less than 1% per brix carton ), food additive 223. Gluten free.